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If you want to be successful, you need to know how to deal with dramatic change and High-pressure environments.

Business in the Trenches will give you the insight and techniques to win while others fail. 

Business right now is difficult. Things have changed dramatically and very quickly. These are indeed turbulent times, and more than ever, you need to know what produces success.

Where can you find answers about how to adapt and deal with change and challenges?

It’s the same source used by business guru’s and top consultants. But now it is unlocked so that you can use it too, with minimal investment of time and effort.

The source is an area very similar to business, ripe with valid analogies and directly applicable techniques. It’s Military History.

Warfare is an extremely high-pressure environment. You have to make quick decisions. Your foe is ready to exploit any weakness. It’s an environment where large organizations are locked together in struggles that can last for years. It’s brutal and only the successful survive and thrive. Hesitate, and you are thwarted, crushed, annihilated, or absorbed.

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For the first time, Business in the Trenches combines true stories from the history of World War One with direct and specific details on how to apply the lessons of these stories to business. It is a collection of true stories and parallels to the business world. It tells not only what happened, but why and how. It details the influences and motivations that led people to make specific choices. It shows you how to do much better in your own battles.

Business in the Trenches is a cross between Good to Great (a great business book) and Guns of August (an extremely insightful history book). It doesn’t bog down into the dry details of military operations, but tells enough of the story to make the applicable points. It reveals the secrets why people succeed, why they fail, and how you can find success while others remain mired in problems.

This is NOT about how to use military methods to be successful. Far too often, the lessons from military history are good examples of what not to do. Instead, you will see what could have been done, learn how to deal with specific problems, and find paths to breakthrough successes.

You will find the stories engaging and the specifics in the analogies and conclusions profitable. Below is a list of just some of the vexing problems you can overcome by reading Business in the Trenches:

I’ve worked as a business consultant for years, helping companies and executives overcome serious problems and achieve breakthrough results. I continually rely on stories from military history to illustrate how people either failed, or found the way to succeed in similar situations. My background helped me to know the stories to tell, and help the client to apply them to the situation at hand.

I have advised executives and assisted businesses in Germany, China, India, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and throughout the United States. I love to help people to tackle problems, achieving higher productivity and profitability.

I’ve published a number of military simulations that are used by the war colleges of numerous countries to teach strategy and complex operational thinking. My background work in designing these led me to find the secret details of why major campaigns regularly failed, and why only a few seemed to find success in chaotic times. Business in the Trenches reveals it all for you.

Let me share what I’ve discovered with you. It will enable you to be the standout in your field!

All the best!


Dave Schroeder

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