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Contact the Author, Dave Schroeder, for speaking engagements and seminars by email below.

Dave has a number of presentations that help to businesses and individuals improve using the principles described in Business in the Trenches. These presentations use fascinating stories from military history to really drive home important points that all can use to increase productivity and effectiveness.

Dave also offers more in-depth seminars selectively designed for the challenges facing specific audiences. He works closely with clients to identify the analogies from his book and other studies most relevant to their situation. He then uses those analogies, together with background information from the client, to help them find innovative ways forward.

Here are some of the most popular topics:

    1. The Need to Continually Learn - What You Know Now is Never Enough.

    2. Overcoming the "That's Not My Job" Syndrome – Getting People to Work Outside Job Descriptions.

    3. The Leadership Matrix – Where to Find True Potential for the Future.

    4. Situational Solutions – Getting Away from Dogmatic Theory to What Actually Produces Results.

    5. Dealing with Subordinates – How to Help Them Achieve.

    6. Making Changes – Identifying What Changes to Make, and When to Make Them.

    7. Maximizing Resources – How to Get the Most Out of What You've Got.

    8. How to Deal with Elitism – There is no "Best" Background for Any Position.

    9. Defeating Selfishness – We All Win when the Business Wins.

    10. Inflexibility – Overcoming Repeatedly Making the Same Mistakes.

    11. Management Fads – How to Avoid Them and the Damage They Can Do.

    12. How to Deal with Difficult People.

    13. Office Politics – How to Minimize the Damage It Can Do.

    14. Getting All the Parts Working Together.

    15. The Myth of the "Special Few" – Finding and Leveraging Hidden Talents.

    16. Promoting Sacrifice and Service rather than Selfishness.

    17. Building Productive Relationships.

    18. Setting Limits and What to Do When You Reach Them.

    19. Overcoming the Myopia of Similar Backgrounds.

    20. Getting Past Emotions when Dealing with Problems.

    21. Leadership Assessment and Selection.

    22. How to Know What's Really Going On.

    23. How to Find the True Reasons for Success – and How to Keep It Going.

    24. Improving Relationship Skills between People and Departments.

    25. Helping Others to Be Successful – and How That Helps Everyone.

    26. Instilling a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

    27. How to Promote Responsibility.

    28. Focusing on the Real Competition instead of Internal Conflicts.

    29. When and How to Stop Unproductive Projects.

    30. How to Pick the Right Path for the Business.

    31. How to Avoid Strategic and Operational Vacillation.

    32. Creating Mechanisms for Prompt and Meaningful Feedback.

    33. How to Make Better Predictions and Estimates.

    34. Learn to Read the Terrain and Conditions of Your Business Battlefield.

    35. How to Create Breakthroughs on your Business's Front Line.

    36. How to Enable Productive Listening.

    37. Creating and Communicating Long Term Vision for Victory.

    38. Effectively Dealing with Resistance to Change.

    39. Creating the Best Possible Plans.

    40. Creatively Finding New Paths to Success.

    41. Risk Taking – What You Want, What You Don't Want, and How to Get It.

    42. Improving Communication – Helping Each Other be Successful.

    43. Leveraging Technology for Maximum Benefit.

    44. Fostering a Culture of Learning and Improvement.

    45. Improving Big Picture Focus – How to See Past your own Departmental Issues.

    46. Better Performance Management – Raising the Performance Level of All.

    47. Constructively Learning from Experience – Avoiding Fingerpointing and Blame Games.

    48. Seeing Through Deception and Uncovering the Truth.

    49. Improving Financial Wisdom – Maximizing Profits While Minimizing Losses.

    50. Leadership Training and Development – Helping People and the Business Reach New Heights.

There over a hundred more such topics.

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